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Business Coaching

For owners and executives alike. 

Business Discussion



Business owners are typically great at what they do. And, their customers love their work. Yet, owners are required to wear many hats and make decisions about lots of topics. Because you are so intimately aware of your operations, it is easy to get buried in the weeds and forget about the bigger picture. Or, you may simply not care to be involved in all areas of your business. Either way, we can help you discover more ways to consider your decisions. Ways which will be more comfortable for you. Let's face it, not all the work we do is our favorite activity. But, what if it could be more pleasant, enjoyable, or even become fun? Who knows what you will discover when you go looking. 

Executive Directors of nonprofits and executives in businesses have someone else to report to. You are faced with difficult decisions and competing commitments on a regular basis. We are here to help you find your own North Star and use it to help guide you in making decisions that will be more in line with your and the company's values. Take the stress out of your everyday activities and add confidence that you can support your actions. No that is what we call peace of mind.

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