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Office Organizing

Physical layout of your work space.

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Location, location, location

This applies to where each piece of office furniture is placed, what is placed on it, and how those items are arranged. Effective use of your office space leads to greater efficiency in your work day.

Modern Work Desk


Placing the desk correctly creates a welcoming space for visitors and optimizes lighting.


Arranged for functionality and incorporating the specific preferences of each person. Computer monitors, telephones, desktop filing and job-specific equipment, keyboard trays, and miscellaneous supplies used regularly are all strategically placed. 

Desk drawers:

This is for often-used items at your fingertips. Set up in connection with your filing cabinets. Considerations include security and efficient work processes.

File Cabinets

File Drawers:

No more opening random drawers looking for a file. Together, we decide what goes into which drawer. Drawers are labeled and it is clear which files are contained in each drawer. 


File Labels: 

You get an easy-to-use filing system that makes sense to you. Keeping your files organized allows for finding them quickly. The labels include the file drawer so you will know exactly where to put it away, getting it off your desk. 

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